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  Waware Systems is a small group of Software Developers in Silicon Valley. Our products are carefully designed, implemented and optimized to solve problems while minimizing complexity. Our products are developed with a focus on capability, efficiency and convenience for the end user.

Like you, we've been forced to use software that runs slowly on even a fast computer just so it can include a bunch of features we never use. We've been forced to use software that takes forever to install and never quite works right. We've been frustrated by software that demands that we install lots of other stuff or "isn't compatible" with the stuff we already have on our computers. Our development team isn't large group of semi-trained Visual Studio hacks in a cubicle farm halfway around the world - we're experienced professionals who know how to do it better. For example:

- the download for our flagship Demo Development Kit is less than 150 KB in size. No, we don't mean 150 MB - we mean 150 KB - about the size of one digital picture! The entire download should take less than 3 seconds on even the slowest internet connnection. Even with this tiny size, the download includes a recorder, a graphical editor, two players (one for movies and one for simulations) and full documentation.

- None of our products demand that your computer have other software installed (such as Flash, the .NET framework or anything else). Our products are all executable files that can be run immediately after download with no additional installation required - and they don't leave "garbage" files and extraneous processes that slow things down.

We're tired of the sorry state of software development. We're working to do it better. If you like products that "just work" with no fuss or drama, we think you'll love our software.

To contact us, please email: WawareDemos161@waware.com

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