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  Waware ScreenMovie Maker

ScreenMovie Maker is the easist way to show your product to an audience. Use the screen recorder to create a recording of your demo and play it on any system - no media players, codecs or other software required. This is the full-function version and it is FREE! Note: Waware ScreenMovie Maker runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The download includes:
  - The movie recorder (WD_Creator.exe)
  - The movie player (WD_MoviePlayer.exe)
  - Instructions for use (Waware_ScreenMovieMaker_Instructions.html)

Download ScreenMovie Maker       Read ScreenMovie Maker Instructions
  Waware DemoRunner for Mac OSX

DemoRunner for Mac OSX runs Waware Demo Simulations packaged as Windows .exe files natively on Macs with all the same capabilities as the native Windows demo. To use, just unzip the download package, run the app, choose your demo and you're ready to present! DemoRunner for Mac OSX is free and runs on Mac OSX Leopard / 10.5 and newer.

DemoRunner for Mac OSX is no longer available due to architectural changes in OSX 10.9      
Examples of Waware Demos
NOTE: Examples are .zip files of a single executable file -- To use: download, unzip and run the resulting .exe

A Waware ScreenMovie is the easiest way to show an audience how a product works. It plays a recording of the screen or a window
(including the mouse pointer) without user interaction (except pause/continue). Example Movie: Browser & Desktop FileSharing demo movie

Clickthrough Movie
A Waware Clickthrough Movie is an interactive demo that pauses at key moments in the recording until the presenter clicks. The presenter controls
the pace and the audience sees the product as it truly works. Example Clickthrough Movie: Browser & Desktop FileSharing demo Clickthrough Movie

A Waware Simulation demo is a fully-interactive product demo that requires none of the infrastructure normally required to present a demo. Waware Simulation
Demos present a fully-interactive UI that lets the audience see the product at its best. Example Simulation: Browser & Desktop FileSharing Simluation demo


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